Our Team

Shore Energy Solutions also teams up with other companies, services, non-profits and universities so as to provide the best service available. These professionals include a R2000 instructor, a green interior decorator, green builders, a community planner, a green building designer, a solar-ready plumber who also specialises in radiant heating, an electrician (who specializes in solar technology), and many others. Together, solutions can be created that are imaginative, practical, affordable, and useful.

Ian Gartshore – Energy Conservation – Renewable Energy Sources

Ian Gartshore, President of the company, has been interested in energy conservation for many years. Gaining technological skills at the Bri
tish Columbia Institute of Technology (1977) and people skills (skills to work with volunteer organizations, conflict resolution), and with a growing passion for energy conservation and renewable energy sources, Ian started Energy Solutions for Vancouver Island. This non-profit organization has been assisting homeowners, businesses and others since 2003.

Realizing that Ian was called to enter this field full-time he incorporated Shore Energy Solutions, Ltd. in 2007. Utilizing the considerable skills he has gained over many years, he works with those wise enough to invest in renewable energy and energy-efficient buildings and transportation.