Intelligent Home Design

Natural Heating Systems and Natural Cooling Systems

Natural heating and cooling systems are some of the first things you should consider if you are thinking about building a home or adding to your home. Lower your energy costs by taking advantage of these systems and a whole lot more. Live in a more comfortable, self-secure home.

Resources, design considerations, heating and cooling options, are just a few of the things we can provide. These designs will save you on your energy bills, improve your comfort levels, and help keep you happy if the power goes out. By modelling your future home or renovation, you will be able to understand what options have the best results.

We have an array of energy professionals who can offer a wide variety of services for the design and construction of your home.

A Net-Zero Home

Row housingWhat is a net-zero home? A net-zero home is a home that creates and harnesses as much energy as it needs year-round. Imagine having virtually no utility bills! Your energy efficiency investment will increasingly pay all of the higher capital costs, so that you have a home that is more comfortable, energy secure, and whose home-value increases!

We can discuss your options, possible builders, architects, materials, and more.

Want a better heating system? We can provide you with the very best solutions that will greatly reduce your heating (and cooling!) costs.

Using Radiant Energy

old radiatorRadiant energy is the most efficient system in the world. The sun’s radiant energy is the best energy source to harness. Modern technologies can also create indoor radiant heating systems, ranging from electrical to hydronic (water-based) heat. Hydronic systems range from the old fashioned radiators (which are still available) to slim ceiling or wall-mounted panels that can be painted to match the decor, to in-floor radiant systems. Heat pumps and solar hot water collectors are easily integrated into most of these systems for even greater efficiencies.

Do not fall for forced air systems, even those driven by air-air heat pumps. Air is an insulator. Why waste energy heating and blowing around an insulator that will eventually warm the occupants, when you can far more efficiently warm people directly through radiant heat?

Efficient Insulation

Insulation is extremely important! Nearly as much heat is lost into the basement floor, as in the attic without proper insulation.

It is extremely important to insulate your windows.  Windows are huge thermal holes out of which disappears about 50% of our heat –most of it in radiant form.
Don’t throw energy away!

Heat Recovery Ventilators

heat recoveryHeat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s) reclaim the heat from the stale air, and are extremely important here on the “wet coast” when the building is reasonably air-tight.
Water requires a lot of energy to heat up. Why not capture a sizeable amount of that energy before sending it back into the cold ground! Being another type of “heat exchanger” these devices are low-tech, usually zero maintenance, and save a ton of energy!

Intelligent design. Intelligent results. The time is now!