Fees and Charges for Energy Conservation Solutions

Guidance on Conserving Energy, Efficient Heating & Cooling, Energy Efficient Lighting, Windows and More…

Our fees include:

  • On Site Visit
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Written Report
  • Suggested Services & Service Providers
  • Encouragement!

Most people spend a lot more money in wasted efforts, poor results, lost opportunities and more when doing it themselves.  Many people do not know what businesses are reputable, what equipment is best, or where to even start.  Utilizing our services makes this much easier, and the results much better.  Hiring us results in fewer disappointments by installers, and means that you can apply for all of the incentives that are available to you.  We are a B.C. Hydro Alliance Partner.

For homeowners:

A variety of options will meet your needs.  A variety of options exist, from finding your air leaks ($150), a general on-site visit ($150), a review and guidance from your energy audit ($150), and/or great (inexpensive!) tips. If you wish, a written report this can be arranged.  We can also work with you to find the best service providers, and encouragement as you make your home a more comfortable and less costly venture.
Alternatively phone or in-person consultation can be arranged.

Phone: $25 per 15 minutes or $75/hour.  In person: $100 for the initial hour, $75/hour each additional hour.  Travel time and/or expenses may be added, according to the circumstances.  Just ask. If you hire us to install energy equipment or serve as your contractor then the initial hour is reimbursed.

Regardless of which service you choose you will be glad to have an experienced coach guide you through the steps.  The results will more than pay for the service.

For businesses:

We can do an energy audit and then recommend environmentally superior products and methods to improve energy efficiencies, air quality, lighting, and thus productivity.

Because of the variety of situations we would be pleased to provide you with a customized fee. Please contact us for a quote. Our fee includes site visits, a written report, and guidance via the phone and/or e-mails. By finding incentives and (if needed) financing our fee is almost always more than covered through your reduced costs. You cannot afford NOT to use our services.

We are not satisfied until you are.

For others:

Our services are tailor-made to suit your needs. We can provide contractor services, speaking engagements, workshops (for your employees, your community, municipality, etc.), other consulting services, and more.  Please contact us for a quote.

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