Consulting Services for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Are you ready to stop wasting energy and money? Are you ready to take action?  Here are the steps you can take:

If you are a homeowner then begin by arranging to have a certified energy audit completed. Why? Because this valuable information can potentially save you many times the small cost of the audit!

Go to this government website and insert your postal code. The search engine will list the certified energy advisors in your area. Two current providers (as of the last update) are:


  • VerdaTech Energy Management & Consulting Inc. Tel: 1-866-241-6804 or 250-714-2274
  • Grok Energy Services Tel:1-866-629-6661


If you are a business owner then contact us about how to proceed.

Once you have an audit completed then options can be considered such as a solar heating system, a solar PV (electric) system, energy-saving window blinds and more.

The Results will be measurable and noticeable!


We have been offering these services for a decade. Ian Gartshore is a former Certified Energy Advisor. We are leading experts in the solar heating field, and are the only company in this region selling customized energy-saving window and sky-light products.

When it comes to renewable energy and energy conservation you can trust Shore Energy Solutions to make a meaningful difference.

Call us and get the process started!