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See Through Radiant Heat Barriers Window Insulators absorb the sun’s heat in the colder months while reflecting back inside the indoor heat. They also reflect the summer’s heat back outside, giving you a far more comfortable indoor experience.

Problem: The square footage of windows in this end of the house caused the room to be extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Solution: After the blinds were installed interior temperatures stabilized throughout the home both in the summer and the winter.


glowingPhoto courtesy of Den Mar Electric

This picture shows a person “glowing” radiant heat through this double-pane, low-e squared, argon-filled, window…one of the better insulating windows on the market.  An Inflector blind would be much more effective in preventing that radiant heat from escaping through your windows by reflecting over 70% back indoors in the winter, and reflecting 70% from entering your windows in the summer.


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Solar Energy Water Heater

Want to heat your water with the sun?  Inflation-proof, no taxes, and a great rate of return on your investment! 

The more hot water you use the more economical this reliable technology is.  Homeowners and businesses receive government incentives if the application is completed before installation.

Examples of high-consumption commercial applications: apartments, hotels, restaurants, breweries, recreation centres, gyms, food processing, and more…

We are proud to install extremely high quality, competitively priced solar thermal systems for heating space, domestic hot water, hot tubs and pools! These systems are supported by some of the longest warranties in the solar industry.

Do not be fooled by cheap imitations!

Solar Products & Services


Solar Heating panelsShore Energy Solutions installs a variety of Solar Water Heating systems for residential or commercial domestic hot water and industrial applications as well as pools and hot tubs. We also offer systems, installation and service for grid tied and off grid applications.

Hot Water Heating

Thermo comfortWater is several thousand times more efficient at moving heat than air!

Working with local contractors we can substantially improve your building’s energy performance by updating the heat distribution system.  We prefer hot water supplied radiant heat, as this is the most efficient system of distributed heat known.  We can work with you to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home or business, saving you considerably more than it costs you for this service.

Hot Water Drain Waste Heat Exchanger

Why throw away all that hot water you paid good money to heat up?
Safely recover over a third of the energy from that waste water for free! No operating costs, lasts as long as does your plumbing, and is quietly efficient. A variety of models exist (up to 5′ long and for various sizes of pipes).


  • Fits 3 inch drain pipe
  • 30 inches in length
  • 38% effective
  • Wrapped with 29 feet of NSF 61 waterline
  • Most cost effective model

Residential Applications:

  • 1 bathroom per unit
  • Limited clearance
  • 1/2 inch hot water lines
  • 1-3 person household

Commercial Applications:

  • Commercial Dishwashers
  • Institutional showers
  • Limited clearance
  • Hotels Resorts
Water cycle

Get energy incentive rebates! Pays for itself in only a few years, then free energy thereafter!
Price: only $349.99 (bulk purchase discounts available)

Fireplace Draft Stopper – Stop drafts before they start

Problem: Chimneys are responsible for up to 30% of the heat loss in your home! Dampers are not effective at stopping all your heated air from blowing up the chimney!

Solution:The re-usable Fireplace Draft Stopper.

The Fireplace Draft Stopper is approved by Shell Busey. Note: you must register to view his videos.

Or click here to download a pdf on how it works

$ 69.95 + HST + $10 shipping and handling

The Fireplace DraftStopper is an original Canadian invention. It is an inflatable ‘plug’ or ‘pillow’, made from a specially formulated polyurethane material, designed to seal the fireplace when it is not being used.

It can reduce your heating and air conditioning costs by as much as 30%, often paying for itself in a single energy bill. The material used to construct the Fireplace Draft Stopper is very durable (strong enough to stand on) and grabs well against masonry or metal surfaces. This material has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it will withstand seasonal temperature changes and creosote deposits without puncturing.

Fireplace dampers are often missing or warped allowing costly heated or cooled air to escape up the chimney. The Fireplace Draft Stopper fits below the damper in the firebox and seals the chimney from air leakage and downdrafts. As an additional benefit it stops unpleasant odours, outside pollution, and blocks annoying noises.

By stopping air from being sucked up your chimney you are drastically slowing down the amount of outside air infiltrating your home.

Safety: The Fireplace Draft Stopper comes with a fluorescent orange warning label attached to the inflation tube that is clearly visible should you prepare to build a fire. If, despite the warning, you fail to remove the Fireplace DraftStopper before lighting a fire testing by Warnock Hersey Labs in British Columbia found the Fireplace DraftStopper melted , fell onto the fire and smothered the flames. 100’s of units were destroyed during the testing and in every case the Fireplace Draft Stopper did not pose a fire hazard, therefore it was deemed to be a passive product.


With the high costs of home heating and cooling a Fireplace Draft Stopper can save you hundreds of dollars on your annual energy bills. This inexpensive solution not only pays for itself in 1 or 2 bills, but it will continue to save you money for years to come!



Introduction to Fireplace Draft Stopper

Fireplace Draft Stopper Installation Information

Round Fireplace Draft Stopper Installation Information
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