Outlook for Renewable Energy 2014

Wind TurbinesRenewable energy has now become a technology of choice for many Americans,accounting for nearly 40% of all new, domestic power capacity installed in 2013.

Presently,renewable power capacity exceeds 190 GW, biofuels are responsible for roughly 10% of that nation’s fuel supply, and renewable thermal energy systems heat and cool a growing number of homes, businesses, public buildings, and other structures throughout the country.

This hopeful and optimistic report from ACORE (American Council On Renewable Energy) can be read here.

ACORE advocates that an America powered on renewable energy and renewable fuels is a stronger, more secure, cleaner, and more prosperous America.

The Outlook for Renewable Energy in America: 2014 shows the potential of America’s renewable energy economy to extend beyond one fuel choice or pipeline, to provide the country with an unparalleled opportunity to reinvigorate the U.S. economy while protecting the environment.

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