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blue buildingsDepending upon the nature of your business and whether you have taken advantage of BC Hydro’s program to lower your energy costs, you can significantly improve your business’ bottom line, especially after paying off your initial energy investment. Doing so improves not only the economic bottom line, but often the social and environmental bottom lines, too.

Government grants can pay for 25% of the energy upgrades to your building, and generous incentives are available from the utility companies!

How can you conserve energy?

Reduction in energy costs can be found in such areas as lighting, heating, insulation, programmable timers and thermostats or manually switching off energy users between uses, and more! These improvements in energy efficiency can be made to apartment and other multi-residential buildings, process plants, office buildings, fleet upgrades, food industry, and recreation centres.

Renewable energy sources such as solar hot water can be added, reducing the amount of current energy you need, as well as increasing your social responsibility within your community!

Our services provide you a free initial assessment of some of the possibilities. Should you decide to improve your triple bottom line through making the necessary investment then we will provide you the direction you need. You may be able to qualify for assistance for implementation from various sources -if we apply before you begin.

Advantages of taking these steps:

  • save money and improve on your bottom line
  • improve the environment
  • improve reliability with your energy supply, including reducing down-time
  • go “green” and increase the social responsibility of your business
  • improve fleet efficiencies

The Benefits of Shore Energy Solutions Ltd:

  • You will have a team of experienced energy consultants providing the guidance and expertise needed so that you can be saved from wasted money, wasted energy, wasted time, and costly mistakes than doing nothing at all.
  • Involving us before you start making changes means you can qualify for more incentives, often saving much or all of the service costs.
  • Most businesses have little to no experience in determining how to become more energy efficient. Not knowing how to proceed could mean costly losses to the business’ bottom line, wasted energy costs, and in lowered productivity. ‘Green buildings’ can not only improve business’s bottom line, but they are proven to greatly increase employee satisfaction, reduce sick-days, and improve productivity.
  • Our services will likely more than pay for itself, and lead to a superior end result.

The cost of Shore Energy Solutions Ltd. services is small in comparison to the ultimate gains in energy efficiency and renewable energy sourcesadding real value to your business, building and overall productivity! Our service will pay for itself by lowering energy costs, lowering borrowing costs, improving productivity and employee retention, public perception/branding, and an overall superior end result.

Solutions may include and not be limited to:

  • conserving electricity and other energy
  • water conservation
  • heat recovery
  • energy efficient heating
  • energy efficient lighting
  • energy efficient windows
  • solar power
  • passive solar gain
  • solar hot water
  • window insulation
  • building/renovation techniques
  • comprehensive environmental audit
  • preparation of Best Management Practices to address aspects that are ISO 9001/14001 compliant
  • adoption of sustainable green procurement procedures
  • implementation of an industry leading comprehensive recycling and resource program

Our team includes specialists in energy efficiency and renewable energy, indoor air quality and productivity, community planning, sustainability expertise and more.

Lower your triple bottom line by demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and increase the quality of life for your employees, customers and our future generations. Check out our many products and services and contact us today.

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