Apartment Owner's Savings

Apartment Owners’ Energy Conservation Solutions

Government grants can pay for up to 25% of the energy upgrades to your building! Generous incentives are also available from utility companies.

Want to Save Money and go Green? Tap into the sun and increase the energy efficiency of your building

  • Good economics
  • Good for the ¬†environment
  • Retain your better tenants for much longer periods of time

Why heat the outdoors?

We offer solutions that reduce heat losses, including methods to encourage residents to close their windows and doors in the winter

Why throw away your heating dollars?

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Victoria: 250-508-0698

Toll Free: 877-754-0698

Nanaimo: 250-754-0698

Don’t like the direction your heating costs are headed? Take control now and start saving.

Solutions may include and not be limited to:

  • conserving electricity and other energy
  • water conservation
  • heat recovery
  • energy efficient heating
  • energy efficient lighting
  • energy efficient windows
  • solar power
  • passive solar gain
  • solar hot water
  • window insulation
  • building/renovation techniques
  • comprehensive environmental audit
  • preparation of Best Management Practices to address aspects that are ISO 9001/14001 compliant
  • adoption of sustainable green procurement procedures
  • implementation of an industry leading comprehensive recycling and resource program

Check out some of our products that will make your energy consumption affordable.

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