“Alternative” Energy will Replace Fossil Fuels

Wind TurbinesLanguage is powerful. The words chosen can affect our perception of reality.

Take, for example, the word “alternative”. This word has been successfully used by the fossil fuel and nuclear industries (and the pharmaceutical/physician world) to imprint the idea that we have to continue with the status quo, that those “alternative” ways of doing things are, well, not practical or suitable.

Wait a minute. Until fossil fuels came along clean/green/renewable energy was the only kind available! Think of the Dutch windmills, bio-mass heating/cooking (mostly wood, but animal dung and peat-moss, too), whale blubber oil and alcohol lamps.  Fossil fuels are the new kid on the block. In fact, Henry Ford built his cars to burn alcohol, not gasoline!

That “new kid on the block” is beginning to sputter. Despite heavy government subsidies to the oil and gas industries it is now beginning to cost more for their planet-altering energy than it does for clean, renewable energy such as wind, solar, run of the river geo-thermal and such. And if the the cost to the planet from carbon emissions alone were factored in the fossil fuel industry would all but disappear.

In fact “alternative” renewable energy can now replace 90% of fossil fuels, plus boost local employment, increase the world’s economy, make us far more sustainable, enable us to continue to live on this beautiful planet, and more!

Smart companies are already switching. The U.S. military is, too, as it makes them harder to detect and less vulnerable to oil shortages and supply chain disruptions. It costs only about a tenth as much to power a vehicle by solar energy than by fossil fuels.

Now solar is less expensive than is BC Hydro’s electricity, and technology can provide heat at least 5 times more efficiently than did the old methods.

So let’s start calling fossil fuels the dirty “alternative” to lean, clean, green, energy.

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