Sustainable Energy Solutions – Reduce your Energy Use with Green Energy Solutions

Go Green – Save Money and the Planet & be more comfortable, with Shore Energy Solutions Ltd.

Scared about rapidly rising electricity and oil prices? Electricity rates are rising at about 9% per year. As with compound interest this means a much bigger bite out of your budget unless you take action now! Beat down these increasing costs by investing in energy efficiency and conservation, and utilizing the free energy of the sun! Not only will you improve your indoor air quality, lighting, and energy levels, you will lower the inflationary costs of energy.

Depending on your building and mode of transportation, you could save more than 60% on your energy bills, feel more comfortable, and be one of the most efficient energy users around. Others will be impressed. So will the planet!

Do you want a sufficient Return on Investment (ROI) from your home energy source? Compare energy upgrades to any other form of investment! Consider that solar energy may give you  return on your investment of between 3 – 12% every year, and your rate of return will increase comparably to the increasing price of electricity!

Renovate your energy and watch it pay for itself!

Why be trapped by the profits of energy companies when you can be in the driver’s seat?

Low interest loans can be arranged. Incentives are available. We can help you. Just call to start the process.

Energy Efficient Homes

In order to increase the energy efficiency of your home, here are a few simple things you can do:

  • seal up drafts
  • use appropriate window insulation and boost the energy efficiency of your windows
  • install a solar heat pump for space and water heating
  • cover unused fireplace openings
  • replace inefficient thermostats and baseboard heaters
  • wrap your hot water tank
  • add insulation to your hot water lines and other areas of your home

To give you an idea of some of the things that can be incorporated into a home (new or existing) here is a link to BC Hydro’s Guides and tips.

If you reduce your B.C. Hydro bill by only 10% you could get a cheque for $50, plus save yourself a bundle on your energy bills! Like more than a quarter of a million other homes in B.C., become a Team Power Smart member!

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Energy Solutions – Reduce your Energy Use with Green Energy Solutions

  • hans bischoff

    Hi I’m in the middle of refinancing my house, and I was going to invest the proceeds in mutual funds but I’m entertaining the idea of solar panels. Curious what the average costs are and what if any government rebates there might be? Is it a viable investment? I have 5 people in my house. my roof faces are SE and NW, which side of my roof would they go on?

    • Ian Post author

      An excellent idea, Hans! While solar power does not (yet) match the return on investment of most mutual funds -unless you live in a higher electricity priced area than we have in British Columbia. BUT as power prices climb so does your return on investment (ROI). Mutual funds won’t likely do so. Plus the value of your house increases! Tax free for most people. And you improve the stability of the electrical grid. That’s worth a lot in today’s world.

  • Mike Strenja

    Curious about solar potential at our location on Vancouver Island, specifically Nanaimo.

    What’s it like for a typical home hear?

    Does power production fluctuate throughout the year with changing seasons?

    What % would hydro be supplementing power needs say from October to April and May to October?

    My house faces due east. The sun faces the front of my house in the am and early afternoon passes overhead. Would panels be installed on both sides of the roof?

    Thank you


    • Ian Post author

      Mike, you ask good questions! My company does not install solar power systems (solar heating is different).
      I suggest that you contact or more solar PV companies listed at the bottom of the solar page.
      Solar is now cost-effective, so good for you for looking into it!


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