Heat your home/office and its hot water with the sun, wind, rain and even snow!

PIctureWe are excited be an official installer of the Solaris SunPump that captures heat from the sun, wind, rain and even snow!

At about five times the efficiency of regular electric or gas heating systems it provides reliable heat at a Return on Investment (ROI) of nearly 20%!

Check it out under our SunPump page!

2 thoughts on “Heat your home/office and its hot water with the sun, wind, rain and even snow!

  • Eva van Loon

    Hi, My 1928 house in Powell River has a 750 Sq-ft footprint with partial basement/crawlspace and a room under the eaves upstairs. Roof is main gable with cross gable at the back and dormer on the front. Big old beloved pine shades part of the roof during the p.m.

    I would love to tell BC Hydro to stuff their meters where the sun don’t shine. Would that be possible for my little house? Can you approximate the cost? I’m a senior and I’d have to save up or get lucky.

    Hoping you’re the answer to my prayers,


    • Ian Post author

      Hello Eva,
      I am sorry I did not receive notification that you had posted this question.
      I can appreciate your angst with BC Hydro! How do you heat now? I assume with electricity?
      It is near impossible to come off the grid, especially with traditional homes. With lots of solar PV panels one can make the meter run backward in the sunnier seasons and then buy that power back in the cloudier seasons, but one still needs a heating system.
      The SunPump uses electricity extremely efficiently (about 4-5 times more so), but it still requires power. Depending on your home, the windows & insulation levels especially, the system could cost less than $10,000 with a Return on your Investment of 15% per annum!


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