About Ian

Ian is known for his strong interest in saving energy and in energy sustainability (solar, wind, wave, geo-thermal and tidal). He loves people and in empowering them to make positive changes.

Clean Energy Overcoming Troubled Fossil Fuels

It has been quite the year in the energy sector. Oil prices have suddenly dropped, rocking that industry and threatening thousands of jobs in North America, while giving a temporary relief at the pumps, ferries and elsewhere. Aren’t roller coasters fun? Meanwhile, the renewable energy sector continues to quietly but quickly expand. Even generous government tax breaks to the dirty fossil fuel industries are not preventing renewable energy from gaining ground. Canada now has more workers in renewable energy than it does in Alberta’s tar Read More +

Clean energy sector jobs surpass total oil sands employment

According to a new report from a climate think tank, Clean Energy Canada, 23,700 people who work in clean energy organizations outnumber the 22,340 whose work relates to the tar sands. While investment has boomed, the energy-generating capacity of wind, solar, run-of-river hydro and biomass plants has expanded by a whopping 93 per cent since 2009, the report says. This despite huge financial subsidies from provincial and the federal government. This sector offers far more benefits than does the fossil fuel industry. Jobs are usually Read More +

“Alternative” Energy will Replace Fossil Fuels

Language is powerful. The words chosen can affect our perception of reality. Take, for example, the word “alternative”. This word has been successfully used by the fossil fuel and nuclear industries (and the pharmaceutical/physician world) to imprint the idea that we have to continue with the status quo, that those “alternative” ways of doing things are, well, not practical or suitable. Wait a minute. Until fossil fuels came along clean/green/renewable energy was the only kind available! Think of the Dutch windmills, bio-mass heating/cooking (mostly wood, Read More +

Transportation Solutions

Environmentally Responsible Transportation Solutions Feeling trapped by higher fuel prices? You are not alone! Solutions exist, but those necessitate you making changes, showing leadership to others. Individuals and Families A first start is by driving less, using “alternative” sources of travel such as taking public transit, walking or cycling (the majority of our trips are for short distances such as going to the mail box, corner store for bread/milk, work or school), joining a car share cooperative (share the costs, not necessarily the vehicle!), working Read More +

Tenant’s Energy Solutions

Cost Effective Energy Conservation Tips for Tenants Conserving the Energy You Use. Save Money, too! Heat Loss Heat Loss Through Air Loss Heat Loss Through Radiation Loss Power Reduction If your landlord wishes to improve your home and the environment, and increase the value of the accommodation, please recommend our page for apartment owners. If you are like most renters, you will probably not have a receptive ear from your landlord! Even knowing that your landlord could save money, have higher quality tenants, and increase Read More +

Apartment Owner’s Savings

Apartment Owners’ Energy Conservation Solutions Government grants can pay for up to 25% of the energy upgrades to your building! Generous incentives are also available from utility companies. Want to Save Money and go Green? Tap into the sun and increase the energy efficiency of your building Good economics Good for the  environment Retain your better tenants for much longer periods of time Why heat the outdoors? We offer solutions that reduce heat losses, including methods to encourage residents to close their windows and doors Read More +

Home Owners’ Savings

Green Your Home! People want to know how to reduce the cost of running their current house. After all, a mortgage is not the only cost of owning a home! As energy prices are expected to rapidly rise in the next decade asking about the “gas mileage” of a house only makes sense. This is even more true when one considers the fact that a more energy efficient home also has these (and other) features: greater comfort better performance when the power goes out (stays warmer Read More +

Business Savings

Conserve Your Business’ Energy Use Depending upon the nature of your business and whether you have taken advantage of BC Hydro’s program to lower your energy costs, you can significantly improve your business’ bottom line, especially after paying off your initial energy investment. Doing so improves not only the economic bottom line, but often the social and environmental bottom lines, too. Government grants can pay for 25% of the energy upgrades to your building, and generous incentives are available from the utility companies! How can Read More +

Using the Sun to Create Solar Energy Materials

Researchers have discovered a way to tap the sun not only as a source of power, but also to directly produce the solar energy materials that make this possible. This breakthrough could make the sun almost a ‘one-stop shop’ that produces both the materials for solar devices and the eternal energy to power them. Read the full article here.

Outlook for Renewable Energy 2014

Renewable energy has now become a technology of choice for many Americans,accounting for nearly 40% of all new, domestic power capacity installed in 2013. Presently,renewable power capacity exceeds 190 GW, biofuels are responsible for roughly 10% of that nation’s fuel supply, and renewable thermal energy systems heat and cool a growing number of homes, businesses, public buildings, and other structures throughout the country. This hopeful and optimistic report from ACORE (American Council On Renewable Energy) can be read here. ACORE advocates that an America powered Read More +