Solar is Now

Solar products come in a variety of forms.

The best known is solar power. As seen in this commercial building below the sun’s energy is being converted into electricity -even on this cloudy day!

There are other forms of solar systems. Solar heating (of water and now of air) often gives a higher rate of return. Solar blinds are another technology that increases the efficiency of buildings. Let’s consider all of these technologies:

Solar power (photo-voltaic)

Solar photo-voltaics (PV)

Solar PV panels can be small systems that trickle charge RV or boat batteries, or larger systems that make utility meters run backward!

Did you know that solar power systems currently generate about a 7% return on your investment (and rising)? Compare this to most other investments, especially knowing that the power generated by your system is not taxable, is virtually guaranteed to give you a return each year, raises the value of your home by at least as much as the cost of the system, and they turn heads!

Solar heating

Solar heating systems come in two basic types: solar hot water systems (flat plate and evacuated tubes) and solar heat pumps.

Evacuated tube solar hot water

Flat panel solar





Solar heating










Solar space heating systems are the newest kid on the block. They heat both the domestic hot water and the home or office. Click here for more information.

Solar blinds

Solar blinds

Solar blinds have two functions. In the winter they reflect radiant heat back indoors while absorbing the sun’s free energy. In the summer they reflect the unneeded solar heat back outside! These blinds make your lived in space far more comfortable, reduce glare and save you money. Oh, and when the power goes out in the winter they keep you warm much longer!

With all of these products: enjoy an instant 7% rebate when it is installed! In B.C. solar & energy-efficiency technologies are PST exempt!

Don’t have the up-front capital for these great investments? We have an arrangement with the Coastal Community Credit Union. Just ask about how the loan and interest can be more than covered by the reduction in your energy costs! Download the details here.

Want to know more about any of these technologies? Just contact us. No pressure sales! Meeting your needs is our business.

We do not currently supply or install photo-voltaic (PV) panels. In the mid-island area the following suppliers may be of assistance:

Commercial solar power installers: Viridian Energy Co-op, Osprey Electric, Sweet Spot Solar, TerraTek Energy Solutions, Wizards 4 Environmental Tech and Aztec Off Grid Solutions. Non-profit: Gab Energy.

Do it yourself kits (with instructions on how to permit your system): Warmland Solar Solutions (website describing how it works:

Want just a few components? Discount Battery Warehouse, downtown Nanaimo.

This is not an endorsement for any of the above companies. This list is provided solely as a service to the community. Please let them know how you found out about them; businesses appreciate knowing how customers are referred. Not happy about their service? Let us know.